AUD 230 - Live Sound III

Course Description

This course is an advanced exploration of live sound techniques, including room acoustics, digital sound equipment, software analysis, and system engineering. Group 2 course.

Credit Hours


Contact Hours


Lecture Hours


Required Prerequisites

AUD 131 with a grade of 2.0 or higher.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Front Of House mixing.
  • Demonstrate Monitor mixing.
  • Demonstrate mixing by remote.
  • Identify the basics of show logistics.
  • Identify the basics of stage management.
  • Identify the basics of show documents - riders, backline, liability.
  • Compare and Contrast various mixes in a Front Of House and monitor position.
  • Integrate knowledge of mixing into a live performance.
  • Mix a performance from the Front Of House position.
  • Mix a performance from the "monitor world" position.
  • Manage a load-in, set-up and strike for a live performance.
Human Dimension:
  • See themselves as artists.
  • Collaborate with others in a creative environment.
  • Recognize the personal and societal importance of self-expression and creativity.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Express interest in music from other cultures and genres.
  • Value differences in cultural expressions of creativity.
  • Recognize the role music plays as an expression of social concerns.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Read study effectively.
  • Frame useful questions.
  • Develop educational goals.
  • Direct/regulate their own learning.
  • Learn through collaboration.