LWE 210 - Cultural Awareness/Diversity

Course Description

Students explore ethics, cultural diversity, interpersonal skills and the laws as they apply to today's modern policing. Title VII or the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Elliot Larson Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, ethnic intimidation, and sexual harassment will also be addressed. Group 2 course.

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Required Prerequisites

Must be approved by MCOLES and registered with the Director of the Police Academy prior to enrollment.

General Education Outcomes supported by this course

Critical Thinking - Direct

Other college designations supported by this course

Degree Req:Cultural Persp/Div

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key concepts, terms, relationships relative to Cultural Awareness and Diversity.
  • Describe the relationship between the department policy, laws, and society's expectations.
  • Describe laws pertaining to diversity and equal rights.
  • Compare and contrast the rights of victims, witnesses, and suspects with existing laws.
  • Employ problem solving strategies and make decisions relative to inclusiveness of all.
Human Dimension:
  • Articulate how applying the relevant law appropriately will obtain the best outcome for a victim, witness, and suspect.
  • See him/herself as a police officer.
  • Describe ethical implications to societal expectations.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Describe the societal changes and how they affect the interpretation of the law.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Identify their best learning modality.
  • Critique real-life situations based on course concepts.