HDA 170 - Preventive Dentistry

Course Description

This course deals with educating dental patients in proper oral hygiene and nutrition. The topics of discussion will include vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, food groups, fluoride treatments, oral examinations, pit and fissure sealants, public health dentistry, and oral hygiene instructions. Student demonstration and participation is emphasized. A dietary analysis will be learned and demonstrated by students. Two community presentations will be designed and presented by each student. Group 2 course.

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General Education Outcomes supported by this course

Communications - Direct

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the digestive system.
  • Define new terminology presented in Preventive Dentistry.
  • Describe the structural components, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and food groups necessary to maintain good health and oral health.
  • Describe proper oral hygiene instructions.
  • Describe the procedure for providing a fluoride treatment including the function.
  • Describe the procedure for applying pit and fissure sealants including the function.
  • Demonstrate proper steps in administering a fluoride treatment to a patient.
  • Demonstrate providing proper brushing and flossing instruction to a patient.
  • Develop a dietary analysis based on a patient's nutrition, sugar contacts, and oral hygiene.
  • Develop a lesson plan including visual aids to encourage positive dental health practices.
Human Dimension:
  • Discuss patient's needs with peers including providing oral hygiene instructions, dietary considerations, and sugar contacts.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Execute a lesson plan, which includes visual aids,to encourage and foster dental health care.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Identify sources of information related to preventive dentistry that will assist the student with being successful on board exams.