Addendum to 2020-2021 NMC Catalog

The information contained in this catalog addendum serves to update the Academic Catalog effective Fall 2020.

Course Title Effective Semester Action
Art 191 Sculpture I Spring 2021 New Course
AVF 141 Remote Pilot Flight Spring 2021 Inactivated
AVF 211 Commercial Drone Operations Spring 2021 Inactivated
AVF 241 Advanced Drone Operations Spring 2021 Inactivated
AVF 261 Aerosonde Flight Training Spring 2021 Inactivated
AVG 142 Remote Pilot Ground Spring 2021 Inactivated
AVG 260 Aerosonde Ground Training Spring 2021 Inactivated
CIT 135 Introduction to Programming Using Python Spring 2021 New Course
MDK 444 Cargo Systems Fall 2020 Inactivated
UAS 107 Remote Pilot Ground Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 141 Remote Pilot Flight Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 211 Commercial Drone Operations Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 220 UAS Projects and Maintenance Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 241 Advanced Drone Operations Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 255 UAS Safety Management Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 260 Aerosonde UAS Ground Training Spring 2021 New Course
UAS 261 Aerosonde UAS Flight Training Spring 2021 New Course

Amended Course Descriptions

Beginning Fall 2020

HAH 200  -  Emergency Assessment & Intervention

Credit Hours: 3, Contact Hours: 4

Division: Health Occupations

A comprehensive study of the concepts and practices of first aid techniques. The course provides training for emergency care through assessment, critical thinking, implementation, documentation, and evaluation. It also addresses situations when injury or sudden illness becomes a threat to life, or problems develop that endanger physical or psychological well-being. Certification for CPR for the Professional Rescuer and a certificate of completion for the Emergency Medical Responder course will be obtained by students following successful completion of the course. This is a standalone course and students that successfully complete the course will not be eligible to test with the State of Michigan or NREMT for certification at this time. Group 2 Course.


Beginning Fall 2020

AVF 232 -  Commercial Flight II  

Credit Hours: 3Contact Hours: 3

Division: Aviation

A flight course structured to provide a dual and solo flight hours to partially fulfill the flight hour requirements for the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate. This course will provide a review of VFR cross country navigation procedures and introduce the student to multi-engine flight. Course requires 35 flight hours, 3.0 hours of pre/post, and 27.8 hours of ground instruction. Hourly rates effective March 2018 are $59/hour for single engine ground instruction and $69/hour for multi-engine flight instruction and $230/hour for the single aircraft and flight instructor and $340/hour for the multi-engine aircraft and instructor. Group 2 course.

Required Prerequisites: AVF 230 - may be taken concurrently.

Amended Program Requirements

Beginning Fall 2020


The NMC engineering curriculum parallels engineering programs offered during the first two years at other colleges and universities. Traditionally, these first two years emphasize the tools and theories that provide background for all engineering fields. Completion of the certificate program requirements will prepare most students for transfer to a four-year engineering program.

Engineering Certificate

NMC Code 079

Requirements  Credits: 43-58

Chemistry*: CHM 150 - 5 Credits 

Mathematics**: MTH 141, 142, 241, and 251 - 19 Credits

Physics: PHY 221 and 222 - 10 Credits

Engineering: EGR 101, 113, 201 - 7 Credits

                       EGR 131, 202, 203, 220, and/or 232 based on program choice - 2-17 Credits

*More chemistry may be required depending on the area of specialization.

**Students not prepared to begin with Calculus must start at an appropriate level of mathematics determined by placement test scores, or placement by the mathematics department faculty.

Manufacturing Technology,  AAS Degree
Occupational Specialty Requirements
Division: Technical
The Manufacturing Technology AAS degree requires 39 Occupational Specialty credits, selected from the following courses:

DD 101, DD 110, DD 160, DD 170, MFG 104, MFG 111, MFG 113, MFG 114, MFG 203, MFG 217, MFG 219, MFG 290,

AND ELE 101, ELE 105, EET 102, EET 103, EET 161, EET 204, EET 221, EET 232, EET 233, EET 234, WPT 111, WPT 112, WPT 113, WPT 114, WPT 161, WPT 211, WPT 212, WPT 213, WPT 260