UAS 107 - Remote Pilot Ground

Course Description

This course is structured to provide the student with the knowledge to pass the FAA Remote Pilot written test. This certification is required to be a Commercial Drone Operator. Topics include: airport operations, aircraft performance, regulations, meteorology, airspace, maintenance, UAS operations, risk assessment/management. As part of this course, students will earn Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification. This course will be completed upon the student passing the FAA Remote Pilot written exam. FAA testing fee is not included in the course fee. Group 2 course.

Credit Hours


Contact Hours


Lecture Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify characteristics of a certified Remote Pilot per the FAA Airmen Certification Standards (ACS).
  • Define terminology of airport operations including aircraft performance, regulations, meteorology, airspace and maintenance.
  • Describe crew resource management roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop critical thinking and applied learning skills relative to the UAS field.
  • Analyze air traffic patterns in a variety of settings.
  • Hypothesize different outcomes to flight scenarios.
  • Combine decision making competencies with remote piloting terminology in real life scenarios.
Human Dimension:
  • Critically reflect on the implications of unsafe UAS operations.
  • Take responsibility for using technology that requires discipline and sound judgement.
Civic Learning:
  • Commit to civilian and airport personnel safety through regulatory compliance per the FAA Airmen Certification Standrds (ACS).
Learning How to Learn:
  • Self assess positive study habits for recurrent training requirements of the FAA.
  • Identify course concepts and other resources that will assist in the preparation for the FAA Remote Pilot written test.