MNG 455 - Engine Room Resource Mgmt.

Course Description

This course uses the Engineering Simulators to strengthen the watch standing skills of the engineering cadet. The cadet will be required to operate shipboard systems, manage engine room personnel, and become familiar with preparing reports required in the operation of a modern engine room.

Credit Hours


Contact Hours


Lecture Hours


Required Prerequisites

All prerequisites for all GLMA courses are satisfied by following the approved Course Sequence Guide and any deviation from this guide needs to be approved by the cadet's adviser.


MNG 466, MNG 496

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate proficiency as an entry level engineering officer.
  • Demonstrate correct operational procedure for each engineering system.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in maintenance of engineering systems key to merchant vessel operation.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on pre-defined tasks in simulation exercises.
Human Dimension:
  • See themselves as officers making informed decisions based on the known advantages and disadvantages of a ships and it's crews capabilities.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Use advanced electronic navigational equipment in order to safely navigate a vessel.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Apply academic learning experiences to future sailing encounters as a licensed officer.
  • Demonstrate the STCW Code Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiencies for Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch: 1.4.