ART 191 - Sculpture I

Course Description

This course is an introduction to sculpture. An understanding of 3D Design, elements and principles, and their applications will be explored. Students will be exposed to a variety of materials (wood, wax, plaster…etc) and processes through which they will learn how to speak about and render objects in 3-D. Group 2 course.

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Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how to render and understand 3-D objects.
  • Identify how objects interact within a given space.
  • Define terminology relative to 3-D design, fabrication and criticism.
  • Derive solutions to complex questions using unique problem-solving techniques.
  • Formulate written and verbal language to describe the 3-D form.
  • Analyze work made by their colleagues through formal critiques.
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of materials used to complete course projects.
  • Connect problem-solving techniques to the building trades and engineering fields of study.
  • Combine communication and analytical skills to speak about complex and abstract ideas.
Human Dimension:
  • Be aware of the space around them by working in close proximity to their colleagues in a community studio setting.
  • Collaborate with a team on course projects.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Explore ways to navigate and discuss the sensitive nature of personal expression.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Construct knowledge about answering open questions from verbal and visual stimuli.
  • Identify what is required to know about visually breaking down an object in order to understand its composition.
  • Self-assess and reflect upon their coursework and learning process.