CIT 161 - Cisco Internetworking II

Course Description

This course, in conjunction with CIT 160 and CIT 260, provides the necessary preparation to pass the Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching Exam (Cisco Certified Network Associate). The following topics are covered in detail: router and switch configuration, VLANs, inter-VLAN routing, EtherChannel, STP, DHCP, SLAAC, FHRP, WLAN concepts and configuration, routing concepts, LAN security concepts, and static routing. This course utilizes the Cisco Networking Academy "CCNA Routing and Switching: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials" curriculum and integrates online curriculum, classroom activities, hands-on lab exercises, and group projects. Group 2 course.

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Required Prerequisites

CIT 160 may be taken concurrently

General Education Outcomes supported by this course

Critical Thinking - Direct

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the mechanics of internetworking protocol layers, devices, subnets, and addressing in IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
  • Create and troubleshoot simple Ethernet networks utilizing Cisco command line interface to work with routers and switches.
  • Analyze the required components of various IT careers.
  • Problem-solve independently.
Human Dimension:
  • Collaborate as team members and leaders, building their interpersonal and communication skills.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Build robust networks to benefit the rest of the IT team.
  • Reflect on how their role within an organization and community impact the productivity of others.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Acknowledge that technology is constantly changing requiring new skillsets.
  • Apply their knowledge to future certification exams.