HAH 120 - Infection Control

Course Description

This course details the structure of infectious organisms and mechanisms of disease transmission, including host defenses against disease and specific diseases of concern to dental and medical personnel. In addition, the course provides an overview of MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and occupational safety measures as they relate to the dental and medical fields. Group 2 course.

Credit Hours


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of microbiology.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of infectious diseases and their relationship to patient safety and occupational risk.
  • Demonstrate how to maintain aseptic conditions while working in the dental field.
  • Demonstrate how to properly sterilize instruments and perform sterilizer monitoring procedures.
  • Perform environmental aseptic procedures.
  • Follow the standards and guidelines for occupational safety and dental office personnel.
  • Possess knowledge necessary to prevent cross-contamination and disease transmission in all areas of the dental office.
  • Incorporate all safety measures when using chemical and physical hazards in the dental environment.
Human Dimension:
  • Interact with peers on the interpretation of the Michigan Bloodborne Infectious Disease rules.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • Describe various infectious diseases and the need for immunizations against infectious diseases to protect the public and dental community.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Identify sources of information on federal, state, and local regulations associated with medical waste.