ART 274 - Digital Photography II

Course Description

Digital Photography II is an intermediate photography course covering advanced techniques in capturing & processing of photographs in the digital form. Specific topics will include image enhancement by use of software programs (Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop), color management, in depth artistic principles and expression for a photographic series, and output to digital prints. Students also work in studio with professional studio lighting to create work in the commercial and portrait genres. Group 2 course.

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Required Prerequisites

ART 174

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the digital controls for the making and filing of images that will provide the best quality results.
  • Connect knowledge of Digital Photography, color theory as it applies to image making and enhancement to build on their knowledge of overall design and composition principles.
  • Understand the unique qualities of digital capture to obtain the best quality results.
  • Identify and integrate the use of Adobe Photoshop as a tool to enhance communication in digitized images.
  • Demonstrate the use of Adobe Photoshop to make selections and masks for localized color, contrast and value control.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to work with others to further one's own understanding of the concepts and theories important to digital and color photography.
  • Assess and create with mastery using the digital camera and peripherals as well as imaging editing software techniques.
  • Students will learn options for using photography to refine their communication of visual concepts.
  • Learn to identify and connect visual tools to enhance the particular kind of communication that is appropriate in the particular application that they are accomplishing.
  • Connect patterns and experiences by outputting enhanced Photoshop files to printers with appropriate color accuracy.
  • Compare work ethic in accomplishing the tasks necessary to the successful completion of the work of the course.
Human Dimension:
  • Come to see themselves and understand the art of Digital Photograph and its application to digital photography in the context of the course text "Light and Lens" by Robert Hirsch.
  • Learn to identify their own special strengths and interests as they relate to the art of photography.
Caring - Civic Learning:
  • The process of exposure and color correction in digital photography.
  • Camera controls of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and color balance as they influence the final image.
  • How camera controls can expressively effect images.
  • The controls available to produce a print with color accuracy.
  • Aesthetic and critical evaluation of photographs.
Learning How to Learn:
  • Interact constructively to demonstrate the ability to use the variables under a photographer's control to create interesting and challenging color digital images.
  • Learn to engage in completing a project from concept through to finished form as a folio or similar product.