Allied Health (HAH)

HAH 100C -  Informatics Essentials  

Credit Hours: 1, Contact Hours: 1

Division: Health Occupations

This course will introduce students to informatics in health care and, in particular, nursing. Students will enhance their ability to use modern informatics such as computer and Internet resources as well as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, in the health care environment. This course will be offered in a hybrid online and face-to-face format. Group 2 course.

Required Prerequisites: Admission to ADN, PN, or LPN Completion nursing programs

Recommended Prerequisites: HNR 102 may be taken concurrently

HAH 101 -  Medical Terminology  

Credit Hours: 3, Contact Hours: 3

Division: Health Occupations

The student will learn the basic construction of medical words through the use of medical prefixes, suffixes, combining vowels and root words. This foundation will facilitate the understanding of new medical vocabulary encountered in other course work or work situations. Group 2 course.

HAH 120 -  Infection Control  

Credit Hours: 2, Contact Hours: 2

Division: Health Occupations

This course details the structure of infectious organisms and mechanisms of disease transmission, including host defenses against disease and specific diseases of concern to dental and medical personnel. In addition, the course provides an overview of MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and occupational safety measures as they relate to the dental and medical fields. Group 2 course.

HAH 200 -  Emergency Assess.& Interventio  

Credit Hours: 3, Contact Hours: 4

Division: Health Occupations

A comprehensive study of the concepts and practices of first aid techniques. The course provides training for emergency care through assessment, critical thinking, implementation, documentation, and evaluation. It also addresses situations when injury or sudden illness becomes a threat to life, or problems develop that endanger physical or psychological well-being. Certification for CPR for the Professional Rescuer, HAZMAT, and Medical First Responder may be earned in cooperation with state and/or national agencies. Group 2 course.