Construction Management (CMT)

CMT 107 -  Construction Supervision  

Credit Hours: 4, Contact Hours: 4

Students will learn the skills needed for construction management including: business management, estimating and job costing, design and building science, contracts, liability and risk management, marketing and sales, project management and scheduling, the Michigan Residential Code, MIOSHA construction safety standards, and effective communication for construction project management. Group 2 course. Critical Thinking - Direct.

Recommended Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have taken or are co-enrolled in MTH 08 or 23 and ENG 99/108.

CMT 207 -  Construction Cost Estimating  

Credit Hours: 3, Contact Hours: 3

In this course students will explore topics pertaining to the processes of construction estimating and bidding techniques. Those topics will include, but are not limited to, the discussion and exploration of the identification and quantification of construction materials, labor, and equipment for the construction bidding process. Some computer estimation programs and/or cost data publications will be used to develop estimates. Group 2 course. Quantitative Reasoning.

Required Prerequisites: CAR 103, CMT 107, MTH 111 or higher, CIT 100

Recommended Prerequisites: ENG 111-may be taken concurrently, math and reading skills are necessary for success in this course.