Welding Technology, Associate in Applied Science Degree

Major Requirements

Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements
ENG 111English Composition4
ENG 112English Composition3-4
or ENG 220 Technical Writing
Any Group 1 Humanities course3
Math Competency 13
PHY 105Physics of the World Around Us4
Any Group 1 Social Sciences course3
Occupational Specialty Requirements
DD 101Print Reading and Sketching3
DD 110Basic Metallurgy3
EET 103Electrical Studies I3
MFG 113Machining I3
WPT 111Welding Theory I3
WPT 112Welding Lab I4
WPT 113Welding Theory II3
WPT 114Welding Lab II4
WPT 161Welding Qualification Prep3
WPT 211Welding Fabrication I3
WPT 212Welding Fabrication II3
WPT 213Weld Quality Testing3
WPT 260Intro to Welding Automation3
Total Credits61-62

Placement into MTH 141 Calculus I or higher, or completion of MTH 122 Trigonometry with a 2.0 or higher

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ENG 111 English Composition 4
WPT 111 Welding Theory I 3
WPT 112 Welding Lab I 4
MFG 113 Machining I (Fall only) 3
EET 103 Electrical Studies I 3
ENG 112
English Composition
or Technical Writing
MTH 122 Trigonometry 3
WPT 113 Welding Theory II 3
WPT 114 Welding Lab II 4
WPT 161 Welding Qualification Prep (Summer only) 3
Year 2
Social Sciences: Any Group 1 course 3
PHY 105 Physics of the World Around Us 4
WPT 211 Welding Fabrication I (Fall only) 3
WPT 260 Intro to Welding Automation (Fall only) 3
DD 101 Print Reading and Sketching (Fall only) 3
Humanities: Any Group 1 course 3
DD 110 Basic Metallurgy (Spring only) 3
WPT 212 Welding Fabrication II (Spring only) 3
WPT 213 Weld Quality Testing (Summer Only) 3
 Total Credits61-62

The responsibility for determining the transferability of this degree and courses to another institution is the sole responsibility of the student.