Engineering Technology - Marine Technology, Associate of Applied Science

Major Requirements

Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements
ENG 111English Composition4
Select one of the following:3-4
English Composition
Technical Writing
Professional Communications
PHL 105Critical Thinking3
or PHL 203 Environmental Ethics
Math Competency 14
Select one of the following:4
Meteorology & Climatology
Physics of the World Around Us
General Physics I
GEO 115Introduction to GIS3
Technical Specialty Requirements
DD 170CADD/Computer Modeling4
EET 102Intro to Engineering Tech2
EET 103Electrical Studies I3
MFG 104Fluid Power3
RAM 155Microcontroller Programming3
RAM 205Microcontroller Systems3
Marine Technology
EET 204Electrical Studies II3
EET 260System Engineering in Practice3
ENV 131Oceanography4
WSI 200GL Research Technologies3
WSI 210Underwater Acoustics and Sonar3
WSI 215Marine GIS & Data Processing3
WSI 240ROV Systems and Operations3
Total Credits61-62

 Placement into MTH 122 Trigonometry or higher, or completion of MTH 121 College Algebra

Minimum Program Requirements 60

Note: Internship opportunities are available for additional credits.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ENG 111 English Composition 4
EET 102 Intro to Engineering Tech 2
EET 103 Electrical Studies I 3
RAM 155 Microcontroller Programming 3
DD 170 CADD/Computer Modeling 4
Select one of the following: 3-4
English Composition
Technical Writing
Professional Communications
RAM 205 Microcontroller Systems 3
EET 204 Electrical Studies II 3
Select one of the following: 4
Meteorology & Climatology
Physics of the World Around Us
General Physics I
WSI 200 GL Research Technologies (Summer only) 3
Year 2
MTH 121 College Algebra 4
MFG 104 Fluid Power 3
GEO 115 Introduction to GIS 3
WSI 210 Underwater Acoustics and Sonar (Fall only) 3
WSI 240 ROV Systems and Operations (Fall only) 3
PHL 105
Critical Thinking
or Environmental Ethics
EET 260 System Engineering in Practice (Spring only) 3
ENV 131 Oceanography 4
WSI 215 Marine GIS & Data Processing (Spring only) 3
 Total Credits61-62

If you are considering enrolling in the Bachelor's program you should consider taking ENV 117 Meteorology & Climatology or PHY 121 General Physics I instead of PHY 105 Physics of the World Around Us

The responsibility for determining the transferability of this degree and courses to another institution is the sole responsibility of the student.