Construction Technology - Electrical, Associate in Applied Science Degree

Major Requirements

Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements
ENG 111English Composition4
Select one of the following:3-4
Professional Communications
English Composition
Technical Writing
Any Group 1 Humanities course3
Math Competency 14
Select one of the following:4
Earth Science
Meteorology & Climatology
General Physics I
Any Group 1 Social Sciences course3
Occupational Specialty Requirements
CAR 100Introductory Craft Skills2
ELE 101Introduction to Electrical I3
ELE 107Introduction to Electrical II3
ELE 122 Begin Electrical Studies I3
ELE 126Begin Electrical Studies II3
ELE 132 Intermed Electrical Studies I3
ELE 136Intermed Electrical Studies II3
ELE 144Advanced Electrical Studies I3
ELE 147 Advan Electrical Studies II3
ELE 210Electrical Code Studies I3
ELE 220Electrical Code Studies II3
EGY 115Residential Energy Efficiency3
Approved Construction Technology Electives6
Total Credits62-63

 Placement into MTH 122 Trigonometry or higher, or completion of MTH 121 College Algebra

Approved Electives

Course Title Credits
CAR 101Introduction to Carpentry3
CAR 102Intro to Woodworking3
CAR 103Construction Blueprint Reading3
CAR 105Foundations and Framing3
CAR 121Exterior Construction3
CAR 125Interior Construction 13
CMT 107Construction Supervision4
CMT 207Construction Cost Estimating 13
EET 103Electrical Studies I 13
EET 204Electrical Studies II 13
EET 221Industrial Controls 13
EET 232Programmable Logic Controllers 13
EET 233PLC Applications I 13
EET 234PLC Applications II 13
EGY 105Sustainable Building Design3
EGY 145Geothermal Technology 13
HVA 101Introduction to HVAC/R3
HVA 104Introduction to HVAC/R II3
HVA 120Intermediate HVAC/R I3
HVA 124Intermediate HVAC/R II3
HVA 130Advanced HVAC/R I3
HVA 136EPA Certification 13
PLU 101Introduction to Plumbing3
PLU 105Plumbing Components 13
PLU 121Commercial Plumbing 13
PLU 125Plumbing Installation 13
SVR 111Intro to Field Surveying2
SVR 112Intro to Surveying Data Use3
UAS 141Remote Pilot Flight3
UAS 211Commercial Drone Operations 13
UAS 241Advanced Drone Operations 13

Denotes courses with required prerequisites.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ENG 111 English Composition 4
Social Sciences: Any Group 1 course 3
CAR 100 Introductory Craft Skills 2
ELE 101 Introduction to Electrical I 3
ELE 107 Introduction to Electrical II 3
Select one of the following: 3-4
English Composition
Technical Writing
Professional Communications
EGY 115 Residential Energy Efficiency 3
ELE 122 Beginning Electrical Studies I 3
ELE 126 Beginning Electrical Studies II 3
Approved Construction Technology Elective 3
Year 2
Select one of the following: 4
Earth Science
Meteorology & Climatology
General Physics I
MTH 121 College Algebra 4
ELE 132 Intermediate Electrical Studies I 3
ELE 144 Advanced Electrical Studies I 3
ELE 210 Electrical Code Studies I 3
ELE 136 Intermediate Electrical Studies II 3
ELE 147 Advanced Electrical Studies II 3
ELE 220 Electrical Code Studies II 3
Humanities: Any Group 1 course 3
Approved Construction Technology Elective 3
 Total Credits62-63

The responsibility for determining the transferability of this degree and courses to another institution is the sole responsibility of the student.