Culinary Arts - Great Lakes Culinary Institute, Sports Performance Nutrition, Certificate of Achievement (Level II)

Course Title Credits
CUL 102Culinary Concepts and Career Management2
CUL 110Safety and Sanitation2
CUL 111Professional Cookery5
CUL 118Intro to Baking and Pastry3
CUL 192Sports Performance Internship2
CUL 201Food and Beverage Operations3
CUL 210Nutrition for Culinary Arts2
CUL 211Menu Planning and Purchasing3
CUL 213World Cuisine5
CUL 233Farm to Table3
CUL 234Culinary Sports Nutrition2
BIO 106Human Biology4
BIO 106LHuman Biology Lab0
Total Credits36
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
CUL 102 Culinary Concepts and Career Management 2
CUL 110 Safety and Sanitation 1 2
CUL 111 Professional Cookery 5
CUL 118 Intro to Baking and Pastry 2 3
BIO 106 Human Biology 4
BIO 106L Human Biology Lab 0
CUL 201 Food and Beverage Operations 2 3
CUL 210 Nutrition for Culinary Arts 1 2
CUL 213 World Cuisine 5
Year 2
CUL 211 Menu Planning and Purchasing 3
CUL 233 Farm to Table 1 3
CUL 234 Culinary Sports Nutrition 2 2
CUL 192 Sports Performance Internship 2
 Total Credits36

These courses are offered during Session A which runs from weeks 1-8.


These courses are offered during Session B which runs from weeks 9-16.