Culinary Arts - Great Lakes Culinary Institute, Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate of Achievement (Level II)


Course Title Credits
CUL 102Cul. Concepts & Career Mgmt2
CUL 110Safety and Sanitation2
CUL 118Intro to Baking and Pastry3
CUL 120Artisan Bread3
CUL 201Food & Beverage Operations3
CUL 210Nutrition for Culinary Arts2
CUL 211Menu Planning and Purchasing3
CUL 219Plated Desserts3
CUL 220Chocolate and Confections3
CUL 222Cafe Ops, Bakery Prod & Mgmt4
CUL 223Cafe Ops Dining Room Mgmt4
CUL 224Bakery Sales w/ Merch & Pkging2
CUL 228Cake Design and Decorating3
Total Credits37
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
CUL 102 Culinary Concepts and Career Management 2
CUL 110 Safety and Sanitation 1 2
CUL 118 Intro to Baking and Pastry (Lab) 1 3
CUL 120 Artisan Bread (Lab) 2 3
CUL 210 Nutrition for Culinary Arts 2 2
CUL 201 Food and Beverage Operations 2 3
CUL 211 Menu Planning and Purchasing 3
CUL 219 Plated Desserts (Lab) 2 3
CUL 220 Chocolate and Confections (Lab) 1 3
CUL 228 Cake Design and Decorating (Lab) 1 3
CUL 222 Cafe Ops, Bakery Prod & Mgmt (Lab) 4
CUL 223 Cafe Ops Dining Room Mgmt (Lab) 4
CUL 224 Bakery Sales with Merchandising and Packaging 2
 Total Credits37

These courses are offered during Session A which runs from weeks 1-8.


These courses are offered during Session B which runs from weeks 9-16.