Water Quality Environmental Technology

major requirements

Course Title Credits
ENG 111English Composition4
ENG 220Technical Writing3
MTH 121College Algebra4
or MTH 131 Intro to Prob & Stats
BIO 110Essential Biology4
or BIO 115 Cell,Plant & Ecosystem Biology
BIO 110LEssential Biology Lab0
or BIO 115L Cell, Plant, Ecosystem Bio Lab
CHM 101Introductory Chemistry4
or CHM 150 General Chemistry I
CHM 101LIntroductory Chemistry Lab0
or CHM 150L General Chemistry I Lab
ENV 111Physical Geology
ENV 111LPhysical Geology Lab
GEO 115Introduction to GIS3
Group 1 Humanities
EET 103Electrical Studies I3
DD 170CADD/Computer Modeling4
UAS 121UAS Applications in Surveying3
SVR 111Intro to Field Surveying
WSI 106Introduction to Water Quality3
WSI 150Introduction to Site Assessment and Remediation3
WSI 250Groundwater Monitoring and Aquifer Sampling4
WSI 290Freshwater Studies Internship1-3

approved elective courses

Course Title Credits
ENV 140Watershed Science4
ENV 140LWatershed Science Lab0
WSI 200GL Research Technologies3
WSI 210Underwater Acoustics and Sonar3
WSI 230Water Policy & Sustainability3
RAM 155Microcontroller Programming3
WPT 111Welding Theory I3
WPT 112Welding Lab I4
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
EET 103 Electrical Studies I 3
ENG 111 English Composition 4
GEO 115 Introduction to GIS 3
WSI 106 Introduction to Water Quality 3
ENG 220 Technical Writing 3
ENV 111 Physical Geology 4
ENV 111L Physical Geology Lab 0
MTH 121 College Algebra 4
UAS 121 UAS Applications in Surveying 3
WSI 150 Introduction to Site Assessment and Remediation 3
WSI 290 Freshwater Studies Internship 1-3
Year 2
BIO 110 Essential Biology 4
BIO 110L Essential Biology Lab 0
DD 170 CADD/Computer Modeling 4
Group 1 Humanities 3
WSI 250 Groundwater Monitoring and Aquifer Sampling 4
Approved Elective 3
Approved Elective 3
CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry 4
CHM 101L Introductory Chemistry Lab 0
WSI 110 OSHA HAZWOPER 40 hour 3
WSI 290 Freshwater Studies Internship 1-3
 Total Credits60-64