Computer Information Technology - Cybersecurity Specialist, Certificate of Achievement (Level I)

Course Title Credits
CIT 135Introduction to Programming Using Python3
CIT 213Networking Technologies4
CIT 240Network Security Management3
CIT 243Cloud Technologies3
CIT 247Windows Identity & Policy3
CIT 256Linux Administration3
CIT 263Cybersecurity Penetration Testing3
CIT 264Cybersecurity Analytics and Threat Analysis3
Total Credits25
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
CIT 135 Introduction to Programming Using Python 3
CIT 213 Networking Technologies 4
CIT 240 Network Security Management 3
CIT 256 Linux Administration 3
Year 2
CIT 243 Cloud Technologies 3
CIT 247 Windows Identity & Policy 3
CIT 263 Cybersecurity Penetration Testing 3
CIT 264 Cybersecurity Analytics and Threat Analysis 3
 Total Credits25