Course Learning Options

Work-Based Learning

NMC provides various work-based learning options.


Internship opportunities are offered for students who wish to integrate academics with professional work experience. Students can earn college credit while working in positions related to their academic and career goals. Contact the Office Manager in the academic area where you would like to pursue your internship.

Service Learning

(For credit or non-credit)

Service Learning is an initiative to instill a sense of civic responsibility in students. It’s volunteerism with a learning twist, centered on the benefits students receive while providing services to their community and/or college. It is an opportunity for students to explore career or interest areas, apply classroom theory to a real situation, and gain practical experience for resume building. Up to four service learning elective credits can be applied to graduation. Students may also do non-credit volunteering using the same process. Information: (231) 995-2524.

International Services
(231) 995-2524

Seeking to prepare students with a foundation to create a broader understanding of the world in which we live, International Services includes:

Global Endorsement

NMC offers a Global Endorsement on the college transcript for students who have acquired a minimum of 100 Global Endorsement points prior to graduation. Depending on one’s degree, points may be earned in a variety of ways, but must be made up of a minimum number in each of the three following categories: academic coursework, on- and off-campus global experiences, and international events. Visit the International Services web page for complete details on the requirements needed to complete the endorsement. For a list of qualifying courses please visit

Study Abroad

NMC offers short-term opportunities to multiple destinations affiliated with various academic programs. Check online for current opportunities.

Global Events on Campus

International Affairs Forum lectures, Dennos Museum Center concerts and exhibits and more. Current events are posted online.

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

In an effort to improve the transferability of college courses between Michigan public community colleges and universities, MTA took effect beginning the fall of 2014. Students who began prior to fall of 2014 will be able to complete the existing MACRAO agreement until the end of summer 2019. If a student already has the MACRAO agreement stamp on their transcript it is expected that the receiving institution will still honor it.

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) students must successfully complete at least 30 Group 1 semester credit hours. Students must earn a grade of 2.0 or higher in each MTA course in order for it to count toward the minimum MTA requirements. Credits are distributed as follows:

  • English Composition: Two courses - 6 credits.
  • Humanities: Two Group 1 courses - 6 credits taken from two different departments excluding studio and performance classes.
  • Mathematics: One Group 1 course – 3 credits – MTH 120 Mathematical Explorations or higher.
  • Natural Sciences: Two Group 1 courses - 6 credits from two different departments. One course must include a lecture/lab.
  • Social Sciences: Two Group 1 courses - 6 credits from two different departments.

Students are required to complete at least one for-credit course at NMC before requesting the MTA Satisfied endorsement. It must be a college level course but need not be from the areas represented in the MTA. When students have completed the MTA requirements, they should notify the NMC Records Office so their transcripts will be noted “MTA SATISFIED.” Students are not required to complete an associate degree in order to satisfy the MTA.

Some students select a course of study that requires a four- year degree of which two years may be completed at NMC through completion of the Associate in Science and Arts degree (ASA). Students completing the ASA will also complete the MTA. Visit for additional information.